Flowerbox Bench



You get good value for your investment with this project. Material costs are relatively low. Despite its 20ft length and 8ft height, is it basically a wall with a stout foundation.

  • The materials selected should last many years in the weather. This project specifies the use of pressure treated dimensional lumber throughout with 5/4 decking boards used for the seat, back rest and shelf. Lattice is cedar. Joinery requires epoxy coated screws and galvanized nails. Bagged cement is used in the post holes. Outdoor decking stain is used for finishing.
  • This bench makes an excellent place to sit and relax. The seat bench is framed with two nicely sized planting beds each measuring 2ft x 4ft. It provides an excellent visual block of neighbors. The trimmed lattice finish on front and back will make you and your neighbor happy.



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