Barred Owl Box


This very large bird house is an excellent project.  Because it is relatively simple and quick to build, it makes a great project to work on with the young woodworking apprentice in the family.  The bonus is that you two and your bird watching friends may actually see a couple owlets come into the world.  No guarantees, but it worked for me.

The material for this build has been selected to last many years despite exposure to weather.  Door and wall slats are cut from cedar fence pickets and door bracing from pressure treated lumber.  Top, back and bottom are 3/4in plywood protected from weather using waterproof roofing.  All fasteners and metal mounting hardware are galvanized to limit rusting.

Joinery used in this build requires exterior type glue and galvanized nails.  Doubled nutted fasteners secure mounting straps between roof and back providing an exceptionally strong joint for hanging the owl box during installation.



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