Wood Fired



For anyone considering building a wood fired oven, I highly recommend obtaining a copy of Pompeii Oven Plans from I did, and it was extremely helpful in planning, designing and building my oven. The plans (soon to be provided here) are not a substitute for Forno Bravo’s guidance, but rather a detailed drawing package of my build along with images and lessons learned during my 6-month construction experience. The project plans are for a relatively large (42” inside diameter) Tuscan oven. Decking is granite with a large work surface to the side of the oven, which is well used by my wife when making and topping the pies. Dry wood storage sufficient for several fires is provided below the work surface. Arches in front and back of the oven stand provide additional storage, and (a must for me anyway) direct access to the oven hearth from a wheelchair. The design also includes an ash drop in the oven floor allowing safe and clean removal of hot coals and ash. If you are in the Houston area and interested in learning more about cooking pizza in a wood fired oven, we offer a class on the subject. Go to out Making Pizza in a Wood Fired Oven to find out more.


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